Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation observations

Here's a photo of the exterior of the beautiful Old State House in Boston that I wasn't able to shoot in the pouring rain.

Good luck rolling a wheeled suitcase across a carpeted floor :(
Even the spinner suitcases complained. I also noticed that it's still easier to turn a spinner (four-wheeled) suitcase backwards, into the traditional two-wheeled-suitcase position, to haul it over the curb or up one step.

Maybe next time, I'll take a small siddur/prayer book with me
The views were so inspiring that I was quoting Tehillim/Psalms to my husband all over the place, but I had to quote from memory (as I'm doing right now, 'til I have an opportunity to look in a siddur). "Heharim v'chol g'vaot, etz pri v'chol arazim. Hachayah v'chol b'heimah, remess v'tzipor kanaf. Mountains and all hills, fruit tree and all cedars. Wild animals and all cattle, creeping things and winged birds." Not to mention "s'laim la-shfanim/rocks for the gophers (badgers?) (Shir shel Yom/Song of the Day for Rosh Chodesh/New Month)--I wish I'd had that one with me, because it's all about nature. And then, upon gazing at one of the higher, noisier waterfalls, there was "Mikolot mayim rabim, adirim mishb'rei yam, adir bamarom HaShem/Above many waters, mightier than ? sea, might above all is HaShem." Hmm, I probably missed a few b'rachot/blessings that one is supposed to say on seeing the beauties of nature. Yep, I need to bring a siddur.

I'm macro, he's micro
While I was enjoying the waterfalls and the views up the towering stone walls of the gorges, my husband was focused on the moss and lichen and on trees growing at odd angles out of boulders. Somewhere on my camera are photos that I took for his benefit showing tiny green plants, as well as small and large trees growing at right angles to their roots.

I'm lucky he's such a kind-hearted guy
Between the rainy weather during the first two days of our vacation and the fact that we were usually in a rush, my husband did all the driving, poor soul. Beyond that, though, was the fact that, once (a) I'd suggested that we go to Boston, (b) he'd suggested we follow up with a trip to New Hampshire, (c) I'd checked online for places in NH that were heavy on my beloved waterfalls, my husband not only remembered the name "Franconia Notch State Park" and got us motel reservations nearby, but basically planned the entire vacation, even making our on-the-way-home motel reservations near Old Sturbridge Village so that we could pay a quick visit, and went out of his way to ensure that I enjoyed myself. Methinks I married a good one.


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